To begin with, introducing myself, an enthusiastic lad Boobalan a professional SEO Expert and a blogger who revolves around the latest in the strategies for ranking better on the google results. I am a postgraduate engineer with a major in Communication Systems.  My Interest started shifting towards researching through the strategies of googles algorithm when I found internet searches and corresponding relevant results by Google seemed to be fascinating. This interest later turned out into a hard hit passion to shape around a career in Digital Marketing with specialization in Search Engine Optimization.

My passion makes me revolve around the latest in SEO and building progressive strategies that could define results to clients. In my experience found that cracking googles algorithms needs some extra strategically approached ideas. I keep exploring new stuff on SEO and believe that sharing the same is all that’s going to make the difference and this space is going to solve the purpose. You can visit here to know what I have found on my latest on my research and get in touch with me if you have any queries on