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20 Ways to Increase every Website Traffic

Every content creators and webmasters want to increase their website traffic. But is it a very easy task? No, right. Website owners have to implement various strategies to upgrade their website quality and ensure maximum reach. There are some simple SEO strategies that can be used. Check out 20 effective ways you can use to increases the website traffic.

Write engaging contents

Content is the king and is responsible for the success of a website. when you want to ensure good reach for your website the contents in it should be of a good quality. More engaging contents can ensure to attract more traffic towards your website.


Advertising is another way to attract more traffic towards a website. there are various types of advertisements for content marketing such as display advertising, paid advertising and social media ads etc. Pick proper advertising options to improve your content exposure.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a very popular option to popularize your website and increases inbound traffic towards your website. You can choose the best site with a lot of traffic to do guest blogging. Use this platform to increase your reach and improve your site rank.

Be social

Being active in social media has become an integral part of content marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more sites are out there for you to reach. Use them to connect with more people and make them as your followers through sharing excellent content.

Search engine optimization

This is another option to generate organic traffic. There are many factors you need to concentrate on in order to optimize a website for search engines. There are many SEO tools out there to help you with that task. Keywords optimization, link building, technical SEO, SEO audit, etc are some of them. Boost your organic traffic by concentrating on on-page SEO and Off-page SEO factors.

Don’t ignore long-tail keywords

Keywords are very useful to get your content listed under the top search engine result. For this, there are many tools like Keywords.io, keyword planner, etc. Use these tools and include long-tail keywords other than short keywords in your content to aid with your SEO efforts.

Increase website loading speed

Loading speed is an important concern of most of the websites. You have to increase the website loading speed in order to entice more organic traffic. Most website users don’t want to experience a slow speed while loading a website. Reduce the image size and make your page optimized to load it faster.

Free webinars

Webinars are very effective to share your knowledge related to a topic to others. You can conduct free webinars to help others. If people get interested in your content and topics you are handling they will attend webinars and this increases the number of visitors to your website.

Influencer marketing

Influencers have the power to attract more traffic towards a website. You can find influencers in your niche using various sites like TweetDeck, Deep social, etc. Make use of their abilities and attract more visitors to your website through them.

Make your content attractive by including good quality infographics

Pictures have the power to stay in people’s memory. Use that as a tool to reach as many people as possible. You can include well-designed infographics and images to represent your content. They can interpret complex things simple and help others to understand what you are trying to convey. As a result, improve your website traffic too.

Create catchy headlines

Headlines are the first thing that attracts users to content. By creating killer headlines, you can increase the number of visitors to a website. Add catchy headlines with relevant keywords to get more inbound traffic towards a website.

Remarket old contents

Remarketing old content is one of the best ways to make your website active. You can remodel the old contents, update it and publish it under a new title. This is a good idea to make your website active and attract more traffic towards it

Mobile usability

Mobile usability is an essential requirement for every website. As the use of mobile devices increases, you must ensure better mobile usability of your website. There are tools to check mobile-friendliness like a mobile-friendly test from Google.

Link building

Links are very important for website growth. Quality link building has become essential to get more site visitors and for ranking also. Conduct a link audits and make sure to include good quality links on your website and partner up with a strong website to build useful links.

Conduct campaigns and giveaways

Campaigns and giveaways will help to promote your website to a larger audience. Most campaigns and giveaways happen through social media platforms. If you can create attractive campaigns, then this is one of the best ways to get more followers to a website

Add social share buttons to your content

Add social media sharing button on all your contents. This can help to increase the shareability of your content. Also, it will make users easy to share your content if they like it. Add all social media buttons in your content and make it more reachable.

Add CTAs

Engaging contents need to have Call to Action buttons. Google looks more engaging content with user participation. Adding attractive CTA buttons will make your website more engaging and active. This can help to get a greater number of visitors to your site.

Be active on Quora, Reddit, etc

Sites like Quora, Reddit, etc are very useful for content promotion. This can increase the visibility of your content to more users and it will lead to an increase in site traffic. Be active on such platforms by posting relevant comments and answers and build credibility among users

There are paid traffic options to increases the hype of your website. You can see some website which appears on the top of search results as Ads. They are paid advertisement options people choose to make their position onto the top.

Offer free online course

You can share your knowledge with your followers by offering them free online courses. If you have enough knowledge and users want to know more about your contents they will try your online courses to get deeper knowledge. Use this tactic to get more followers and increase your website traffic.

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