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Google My Business Optimization 2020 Edition {Research by Ranking Factors}

GMB Optimization

Google My Business page is a very important factor to improve local SEO. Local businesses need the Best SEO Freelancer in Chennai to concentrate on optimizing their web-page to get listed under top search results. Just by adding your business to Google My business page it won’t be visible in the search result. You can get it by implementing some search engine optimization factors. This is a free platform that helps business owners to get more site traffic towards their site and it will lead to more sale. Add your business and use these tips to optimize your Google My Business page.

Google My Business post

GMB offers you a chance to customize your business page as you wish. When you go to the GMB page you can see posts option on the left side of the page. Click on it to help you with adding Call to Actions by adding an image. You can use this feature to highlight any new offers, webinars, new products or sale that is going on with your business. Many attractive features can be added using this button. For example, there is a new feature that Google introduced is to add emojis to your business. When somebody searches a business using that emoji your business will get appear in the search result.

Photos and videos

Your business will not get featured just by adding some description about it. You need to add attractive pictures related to your business in your page. Google introduced a new feature to add short 30 sec videos to business pages. Visual elements have the power to communicate well with users. So, it is very important to choose attractive pictures to post on your business page. If you can create professionally made short videos it will be more effective in your business success.

Business hours

When you add all details relate to your business don’t forget to add the operating hours. This will help the customers to know about your business hours and Google also shows whether your business is open or closed when a user search for it. This is the main advantage of adding business hours to your business page.

Category of Business

When you add business description be specific about your business category. If you are running a restaurant then it is essential to add your business category depending on the type of food, you offer. This will help the search engine to easily understand where to categorize your business. Being specific is a very important factor to consider when you create a GMB for your business.

Business description

You can start by logging into Google My Business page and click on Info. There you can click on add business description option. Business owners have to add a description of their business and even a short story about themselves in that field. You can add max 750 characters in that field. So, make sure to include each and every point and add some relevant keywords to it. It is very important to give full details related to your business as per the GMB requirement. By giving more information about your business you as a business owner is enhancing the chance of getting more exposure to your business.


This is a field to add some additional attributes that your business can offer to its users. Mostly this field is useful for hotels, restaurants services, etc. They can add some extra features regarding their business in their GMB page. Hotels will add attributes like free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, etc.


This feature allows users to send messages to business owners through GMB page. This is a very less known feature by most of the users and business owners. When someone creates a business page they add their phone number with it. Google uses this number to create a direct connection with the business owner and users.


This is a place where you can add the business website. It is very important to link your business site with GMB. Users can easily go to your official site by clicking on the website option. It will help to increases your site traffic and as a result, the sale will also increase.


This is another field you can add with your Google My Business Page. Most people prefer to see reviews before buying something. You can add the provision to add reviews and as a business owner, you need to respond to those reviews whether it is positive or negative. This can enhance your chance of getting featured in SERP. Google values the business with more customer engagement and considers it an important ranking factor. Some other optimization tips

Map embed on web 2.0-:

This is another option for business owners to try. web 2,0 ranker is a platform that deals with local SEO optimization. By outsourcing your local SEO optimization to then you can ensure maximum visibility of your business in local search. Use map embed service on web 2.0 to link your business address with Google My Business page and give detailed driving directions to users.

Map embed on Site builder websites-:

There are many websites where you can build your business site without knowing codes. While developing your business site it is essential to add the map location of your business. You can easily do it to make users easy to find the direction of your business location. Add your location address to the map menu on-site editor and add it to your business page.

Map Embed on Google Sheets, Slides, Docs-:

This is very useful when you publish any documents related to your business. Add your business location on a map and embed it on Google sheets, slides or any documents by clicking on Add-ons and select maps from it. You can get the map of a particular location directly and add it wherever you want directly.

Other than the above points there are 3 factors you need to consider such as relevance, distance, and prominence. Google shows the results based on all these factors. Google shows business relevant to users search and their location. Also, it gives priority to prominent businesses from the internet. So, optimize it well to make it appear on the SERP.

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