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How to Find the Perfect Niche for your Blog

When you want to start a blog, using a perfect niche will take your blog to the road of success. Most of the people are not aware of the importance of using a niche in blogs. But Trust me, Niche will make a huge difference in your blog.Most importantly, It will help you to know who is your audience and the topics which you need to focus on

In this post ,We are going to see why you need a blog niche,How to find a perfect niche and How to use it effectively in your blog. Let’s start

What is a Blog Niche?

Let’s begin with a formal definition ,

[su_quote]Representing a smaller or specialized population based on the product,services or  interests.[/su_quote]

In the above definition, we can see the phrase “Specialized Population”, which defines what actually a blog niche is. So we can say a blog niche is a specialized/specific population of a broad topic.

For example, If you are going to create a blog on “INDIAN CINEMA”, then your niches can be “Bollywood”,”Tollywood”,”Mollywood”,etc…and even you can be more specific by using “Movies”,”Serials”,”Reality shows” as niches for your blog.

So Basically Blog niches are nothing but some specified subtopics you could need to explain your blog topic to be explained effectively.

Why do we need a Blog Niche?

We already came across the answer for this question in this post itself. But to be more specific, Blog niche will help you to target a particular/specific audience. Because several websites are doing this as their mainstream.It will be difficult for starters to compete with them if they target a broad audience.

For example, If you are starting a blog on “Cooking”.It may attract a particular set of audience who are interested to cook new dishes. So when you decided to share usual dishes in some of your posts,You will be confused of getting low traffic even though you got tons of traffic for your posts related to new dishes

So Picking a perfect niche for your blog is very important to target a particular audience and get traffic consistently. It will help you to concentrate on the topics which your set of audience needs instead of wasting time by posting niche which will get low traffic.

Now let’s start with the steps which you need to follow to end up with the perfect niches for your blog

How to Find Your Blog Niche

Non-competitive and profitable

Try to find out the niches which are non-competitive and profitable .

For Example:

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right”]

  • Making money online
  • Finance
  • Weight Loss
  • Beauty products

You can see the above example,which is highly profitable and competitive already . So you need to search for the unnoticed niches,but profitable by breaking down the topic in which you are going to create a blog.

2. Consider Your Interests

After listing out the areas in which you have a plan to create a blog,Choose the one in which you have more interest. It will help you to think and select perfect niches effectively.

3. Consider What You Know Best

If you are creating a blog in which you are already an expert or you did a lot of research in a particular topic, better go with that one. Because if you are strucking somewhere with low traffic, the knowledge which you already have on that particular topic will help to come back easily with a bang. Trust me, if  you choose the known category , you will be eligible to choose the niches which you need to posts immediately to get the traffic back

[su_box title=”Tips” box_color=”#ed514a” radius=”0″]As a starter, just following the above steps to find out the niche is enough . As we stated already, being an expert in your area(blog which you are going to create) will help you to stand out in a crowd.[/su_box]

Wait is over!!!

Hopefully, Now you have an idea about what is a blog niche, how niches make our blog more effective in a market and how to select blog topics and ready to create a blog by using perfect niches. I just want to end this post by leaving you a tip to be an effective blog writer. Try to write at least 500 words per day to make blogging a habit.

We will be more happy to receive all your comments to improve the usability of our blog .So please leave your comments in the comment section below

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