Off Page SEO Checklist

Ultimate Off Page SEO Checklist 2020 Edition (Detailed research by rankings factors)

Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO, is the method to gain traffic to websites by ranking the sites or contents in organic search engine result pages using various techniques.

By following the algorithms of different search engines including Google, SEO helps to create all the supporting circumstances for ranking websites and their contents. But, for a better result, bloggers must follow two different methods, i.e. Off – Page SEO and On – Page SEO. The detailed descriptions of both the methods are mentioned below.

Off Page SEO Checklist

Off-Page search engine optimization is meant for increasing the domain authority and the probability of ranking on SERPs. The ultimate goal of off page SEO is building backlinks. It is not related to the blog post/ contents directly. There are many ways for building backlinks as well as to increase traffic to the sites. Here are the different ways of building backlinks mentioned below.

Bookmarking Submission

Social Bookmarking is a method of earning backlinks for ranking on search engine result pages as well as for gaining traffic. In this method, bloggers use to bookmark their web pages on different social bookmarking websites. There are many social bookmarking websites available now. Some of these are StumbleUpon, PearlTrees, Reddit, Scoop It, etc. check out more, free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018.

Image Submission

For backlinking, sharing images on different image sharing sites and tagging own sites’ URL is called Image Submission. It helps the bloggers to increase traffic because nowadays users also search for images on Google and other image sharing websites. So targeting both the contents and images to rank on SERP is a good idea.

There are many image sharing sites are available. Some of the high PR images sharing sites are Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Audio Submission

Like Image Submission, Audio submission is also fruitful for increasing traffic by building backlinks. In this method, bloggers use to upload audios on high page rank audio submission sites and tag their website links. Some of the high ranked audio submission sites are MobyPicture, SoundCloud, PodMatic, and PodBean.

Video Submission

Video Submission is a method in which bloggers use to upload related videos on different sites with the main keywords in the title, description, and page URLs. It helps a lot in ranking as well as in improving traffic because searching videos on search engines like Google and watching them online or offline is the most common practice for all internet users. Today almost all bloggers use to upload their videos on Vimeo, MySpace, DailyMotion, and Flickr.

PPT & PDF Submission

PowerPoint & Portable Document Format, in short PPT & PDF, file submission on different sites helps to increase the probability of ranking on SERPs as well as to gain traffic. This is known as PPT & PDF submission.

PPT & PDF submission is more fruitful than image and audio submission because PPT & PDF sites use to upgrade their interface on regular basis. Hence Google uses to crawl into these sites very often. So bloggers grab the opportunity and upload their PPT & PDF files on those sites with “Do – Follow” backlinks.


Participating different forums and sharing related statuses with backlinks help the bloggers to improve their website traffic as well as page or domain authority. And search engines like Google prefer the high page/domain authoritative pages in ranking. So participating in forums for improving traffic must be there in off – page SEO checklist.


Quora is a vast platform for community discussion on various topics. Millions of users (bloggers and others) from all around the world are participating in discussions with so many problems and solutions. So joining in this platform and participating in the discussions with solutions containing “Do – Follow” links to own blog posts can be a good idea for improving the website traffic for sure. Top bloggers are using this method to improve the domain authority of their sites.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a great way to earn backlinks for free. Web 2.0 is the free blogging platform where anyone can create the blog for free, and this is where your link building opportunity lies on. These sites are good option to earn natural or organic backlinks which are important for improving traffic as well as increase the probability of ranking. Some of the high page rank web 2.0 websites that Google supports are WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and HubPages, which can help you to rank higher on Google with their highly valuable backlinks.

Profile Creation

Creating one’s profiles on different websites with the work details and others is known as Profile Creation. In this method, the users are allowed to update their statuses with their websites’ links and others. As a result, SEO professionals get natural backlinks from the sites very easily. The probability of online visibility, gaining traffic, and increasing domain authority also increases by Profile Creation. check out some profile creation sites in this link.

Classified Submission

Classified submission is the method where professionals use to submit their products on many high rated promotional sites as ads for targeted audiences from all around the world. As a result, the traffic of those products as well as the sites increases. The promos or ads of those products bear the backlinks for the product as well as the websites too. There are many free and paid classified submission options are available.

Local Listing

Local Listing is the method in which professionals use to list their products or brands with particular addresses (both regional and national) by creating Google My Business Account. Local listing helps Google to understand the targeted local audiences and then it prefers the products or brands in ranking for those regional users.

Local listing helps to increase traffic as well as domain authority. It is fruitful for promoting products in targeted regions too.

Local Citation

Local Citation and Local Listing is almost similar. It is the method to mention the brand name, addresses, and contact numbers of local businesses on websites, social platforms, local directories, and apps. Google uses to prefer those brands or products on local searches; hence the probability of visibility to local audiences increases. As a result, website traffic increases by Local Citation.

Comment Links

Comment Links is the method of building backlinks by commenting on related topics of other high ranked websites with URLs of own websites. These methods help the readers to get alternative solutions as well as to increase traffic.

Competitors Links

What are you make other link building strategy yours? It will save tons of your time, and you can easily rank on the first spot on Google.  All you need to look into your ranking competitors backlink profile and see how they are building links to rank. And, once you are done made their backlinks your ranking strength. There are many online tools available for tracking competitors backlinks, like ahrefs, SEO, Spyglass, SEMRUSH. You can use these tools to find your competitors backlinks easily.

.edu & .gov Links

According to search engines like Google, .edu & .gov links are the most authoritative websites. Hence getting backlinks from such sites helps the websites to gain high traffic as well as to increase page or domain authority.  Site owners often introduce many offers or scholarship programs to get backlinks from these sites.

Broken Links

Broken links building can be a great opportunity to earn good quality links with little or no effort. Broken links means, links pointing to a website that page doesn’t exist, and no one like to link to a web page that shows missing page. This can be a golden opportunity for your approach to link back to your website. You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMRUSH to find out broken links for any website easily.

Guest Blogging

Writing articles or blog posts and uploading them on others’ blogs are known as Guest Blogging or Guest Posting. This method allows the bloggers to publish their own blog posts on some high rated pages or websites to build backlinks. It is a common practice for almost all the bloggers or SEO professionals for improving traffic.

But posting articles on comparatively higher authoritative pages or websites is required for better results.

Question/Answer Submission

Question / Answer submission method is very simple but very influencing for improving website traffic. In this method, site owners use to go to Q&A platforms and answer the questions of the users with links to solutions available on their sites. This method also helps the site owners to increase traffic, because question – answer platforms allows the users to ask and get the on-topic results. That is why millions of users use to browse to those sites.


Outreach simply means building a professional relationship with other high authoritative websites which can be helpful for backlinking. This will allow the site owners to publish guest posts, use backlinks of competitors’ broken links, and replace backlinks of competitors’ outdated contents with their updated contents.

But before trying to build a professional relationship with those bloggers, site owners must make a checklist of those sites and then approach them with better options.

PBN links

Private blog network, or also known as PBN are blog network of your own to help you rank. PBN is very helpful to rank fast in Google search, but only when you know how to use it wisely. Many SEO professional use PBN to rank on Google first page. But, as Google is getting smarter enough day by day, one should use PBN wisely and safely so that it doesn’t harm your website in long run.

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