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Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

As a blogger,knowing the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org will make a major difference for your blog. Because It may sound the same but the features which they contain matters. 

If you are willing to create a new blog, most of the bloggers will suggest you to use WordPress . But in WordPress you can get two different platforms. One is WordPress.com and the other one is WordPress.org. So through this blog you will get an idea which WordPress is better to use.


  • WordPress.com is an open source but it has too much restrictions to use its features
  • You have to follow a format in your domain name(yoursite.wordpress.com). It will not allow you to choose the customized domain name
  • You are restricted with limited designs and also you can found only basic designs
  • To remove WordPress branding and get your own domain,you have to pay
  • WordPress will not allow you to upload new plugins.You can only use an inbuilt plugins
  • You are not allowed to sell your own ads in your domain
  • SEO and Analytics are limited


  • WordPress.org contains powerful SEO features. It will help to get more users
  • You will have customizable designs which will make your blog to look better
  • Unlimited plugin options.So no need to search and upload new plugins
  • Budget is very low as you will get very cheap hosting plan
  • You are allowed to sell your own ads.Basically WordPress.org will provide you a full control over your website
  • Moreover it will allow to start membership site or an eCommerce store 

Now the differences listed above will help you to choose the best platform in WordPress. We strongly recommend to use WordPress.org as you can have full control over your site and eventually you can make money from it.

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