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The internet has given wings to everyone’s thoughts. It is the best platform if you enjoy writing and learning new things. If you are a passionate writer and love to pen down your opinion and thoughts, blogging is the smartest way to make money online. Before getting into the details of how to start a blog and how to make money, let’s learn the basics terminology to have a clear idea. 


What is a blog?


A blog is similar to a web page; it is also called a weblog. It is similar to an online journey or a diary that you write on the web. Blogging has taken a huge leap rather than just becoming a journal. 


The blog is an excellent way to pen down a journey, narrate a story, and even generate a lead for the online business. A blog is usually a beautiful collection of blog posts, written in a single theme or multiple themes. A blog post focuses on a niche based topic and is meant to provide in-depth knowledge. 


What is blogging?


Blogging is the act of writing a blog post for a website. We can also say it is an art of writing readable and interactive blog posts. Blogging is a beautiful journey where an individual creates multiple blog posts. 


Who is a blogger?


Blogger is an individual who enjoys writing online journeys or the content for a blog post. A person who enjoys writing can become a blogger. A blog needs storytelling skills and the narrative power to keep the audience hooked until the end. 


Benefits of Starting a Mom Blog


Every day, if you are a mom, new learning, starting from managing the house to dealing with a fuzzy kid, each day is a new challenge. There is hardly going to be a day when you are going to experience a so-called normal day. Mom Blog is a platform where you can share your everyday rituals, crucial parenting information, and vent.  

In short, mom blog is an informative platform where women can support each other by sharing tips, tricks, vital information, and make life easy for fellow mothers. More than information, mom blog works as a creative platform to maintain a journal about your parenting and share real-life motherhood experience.

You can make money online from blogging.


Oh yes, blogging is the best way to make money by following your passion. There are multiple ways to make money via blogging. Here is the most common way to monetize your blog. 


CPC: This means cost per click; your blog can be a place to run ads. These are usually banner ads that can be placed on your blog post as a sidebar, at the top of the website, or the bottom. Every time the reader taps on the ad, you get paid for the click. 


CPM Ads: This means cost per 1000 impressions, and you get a fixed pay-out for the ads to view by people on your page. 


Google AdSense: It is one of the best ways to make money via bloggers. In this, you don’t need to get in touch with the advertisers; you need to allot space to run the ad banner on your blog post. Google will provide relevant ads based on the blog content, and your viewers may find it attractive to click through the ads. Like Google AdSense, you have other options like, Infolinks, Chitika, etc.


Affiliate Links: Affiliate marketing is another credible way to make money online. If an online business wants to sell a product on your profile, you can add the buying link on a relevant blog post. If any visitors buy the products from your specific affiliate link, you can get a commission from each sale. The affiliate link can be added to the content, or you can also post the banner ads to increase visibility.


Digital Products – This is not money-making from the blog via advertisement, but you can use the selling of digital products as a steady source of income. If you have special skills and want to spread the word and make some money, a blog can be of great help. The blog posts can contain a clickable link for selling digital products like eBooks, Workshops, Apps, Plugins, Images, Videos, etc.

You will become your boss.

The motherhood journey itself is a full-time job; it is super tough for many mothers to handle full time. A mom blog can be an excellent way to make money, and you will always be your boss. 


You don’t need to follow any deadlines or tough work hours; you can always work in the comfort of your home. Taking blogging as a profession can transform yourself into your boss. You can start earning well and more than a typical 9 to 5 job. 


Blogging is like a helping hand.


It is undeniable that every new mom needs help; there is nothing called too much parenting information. Blogging is like a helping hand to fellow mothers who are not much aware of parenting. In addition to it, a blog can be another brilliant way of making money, even if you have another job. 


 A good paying blog can be a great help to meet your financial commitments. With the help of your blog, you can spread knowledge and learning experiences to people online. The suggestion and tips can solve different problems in their parenting journey. Blogging is like a helping hand for both creators as well as the readers. 


Blogging is easy to learn.


Honestly, blogging does not need any hard-core skills; that means you don’t need to learn tough mathematics, science equations, or hard-core coding. Anyone can start a blog from scratch; all you need is good narrative skills. Blogging is the best choice if you enjoy researching, storytelling, and sharing your thoughts. Blogging is one of the easiest skills which anyone can learn, and the same can be used to make money.  

Moreover, anyone can get started with blogging, be it kids, adults, or even elderly individuals. Keep your horizons wide and be ready to experiment. Once the blog’s background is set up, you can start drafting blog posts and under the site on Google. This does not need any hard-core coding knowledge. 

How to Start a Mom Blog In 2020


Here is how you can start a beautiful blog; all you need is to follow your writing passion. Here are the easy step by step guide to start and set up a mom blog in 2020

Step 1: Pick a domain name


This is the first and most basic step to create a mom blog. The domain name provides an immediate idea about your blogs to the visitors. The domain name can be your choice; it can be about your name or your child’s name or even a mix of both. Feel free to give a domain name to your choice; it can be generic, unique, memorable, quirky, and funny. Here are some of the best tips which you must follow while picking up a domain name 

1. Keep it simple and catchy 

2. Short and crisp domain names are better.

3. Avoid numbers and special symbols.

4. Choose names which are easy to pronounce

5. Use the niche keywords which replicates your blog

Step 2: Setup Web Hosting 


Web hosting is the backbone of mom blogs. Good web hosting is responsible for fast page loading and giving a seamless experience to visitors. Web hosting should provide the best uptime, support, and speed to the website. In addition to it, the security of visitors should never be compromised. 


A2Hosting is one of the best choices if you want to set up a mom blog in 2020. It is super easy to install and set started. 


Best features of A2 Web Hosting 


1. Free SSL certificate

2. Speed Optimized

3. 24/7 responsive support

4. Free site migration and quick installation

5. 99.9% uptime

Make sure to choose the best web hosting like A2hosting so that your website does not experience lag and visitors have the best navigation and reading experience online. 

Step 3: Install WordPress & Theme


WordPress is the most-loved content management system if you want to start a mom blog in 2020. WordPress is a free source; you can also opt for premium WordPress based on the need. WordPress provides you with huge choices regarding themes; you are free to choose and tweak any theme of your choice. 


In order or get started with the WordPress theme, you don’t need any prior coding knowledge. The themes can be changed on the go, and if you are not happy with the look, you can modify or opt for another theme.

 If you are setting up a new mom blog, go for a free theme. If you are willing to shell out money, you can go for premium WordPress themes. Based on the niche and writing style, pick up an alluring WordPress theme. 


WordPress theme is super easy to use, and you can have full control over your website information. In addition to it, you can get free access to Google Analytics to track the site’s progress.

Step 4: Setup Basic SEO for Your Blog


The SEO stands for search engine optimization; here are the seven basic SEO settings which every new blog should have. 

1. Turn on the built-in setting in WordPress to make sure the search engine sees your website. Check the option “Search Engine Visibility” under the Settings of WordPress.

2. Fine-tune your permalinks. Go to Settings -> Permalinks option under the WordPress dashboard. Choose the structure as “Post Name.” This will add a positive effect to search engine optimization. 

3. Create catchy content regularly, make sure the content has a good number of quality keywords, and categorize it accordingly. 

4. Use a good SEO plugin to get a regular notification on the search engine changes. Yoast SEO is one of the best choices for SEO plugins.

5. Always optimize your images with the right keyword under the alt text. This will increase your chances of coming under the search engine result page.

6. Keep your website mobile-friendly, which means the website structure should not be distorted when it is opened on mobile. 

7. Networking and social sharing are key. As soon as you post the content, spread the word among your friends and circle. The greater number of hits you get on your website, the more positive its effect on SEO.

Step 5: Write Content


When it comes to the online world, content is and will always remain the king. Content is the most important aspect if you want to set up a mom blog in 2020. Only head-turning content can grab immediate audience attention.


5 Tips to create effective blog post content 

1. Attentions grabbing headlines.

2. Keep the audience waiting for more till the end and regularly draft blog posts. 

3. Do a detailed reach and share insightful information.

4. Stick to your niche and write trending content

5. Optimize your content with the right keywords and SEO practices.

Step 6: Promote Your Blog and Earn Money through Online


This is the last and most crucial step. A blog will get a lot in Google if it does not get the much-needed attention. A blog without any visitor will not be able to fetch any income for you. 


Blog promotion is very important to make money and also to continue writing. You can only be motivated to write a new blog post if your audience likes your work and appreciates it. 


 Regularly write a blog post and post the same on all social media websites. Encourage your near and dear ones to read, suggest, and share your work among their circle. There are multiple ways to monetize the website; you can try affiliate marketing or Google AdSense to monetize your website.

Starting a mom blog in 2020 needs only passion and wiliness to achieve your dream. There is nothing right and nothing wrong; each day is learning. Always keep yourself updated with current trends and technologies. 


Parenting is a niche in which every mother learns something new each day; all you need is to pen down your journey and spread awareness. Mom blogs are like a circle of sisterhood, an extended family online that will always provide experts solutions to your parenting queries.