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I’m Boobalan, SEO Freelancer in Coimbatore. If you are looking for your business to grow, contact me, I help you grow your business through SEO.

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Are you looking for SEO Freelancer in Coimbatore?

SEO freelancer in Coimbatore can help boost your SEO by leaps and bounds. These freelancers are experts in the field and can quickly help you with your SEO. It would be wise to choose to work with them.

Many companies and businesses are looking to stand out from their competitors in today’s market. Most of them try, but only a few manage to stay ahead of the competition. There is a way in which you can also stay ahead of your local competition in Coimbatore, and you can use that by hiring an SEO Freelancer in Coimbatore.

There is a lot that you need to understand about SEO before you start investing in it, though. We have made those terms and ideas easy for you to understand so that you don’t get too confused about how SEO works, how it helps your business, and how you can make SEO work for you.

Why is SEO essential for businesses?

SEO service can help you boost your website’s visibility and your traffic. Managing SEO on your own is difficult, and SEO services from an SEO freelancer, Coimbatore, can ensure that you get the results you want. If you want your business to get popular among customers, you need SEO service.

Here are some ways in which SEO helps your business to grow. 

The foremost thing one should concentrate on who wants to grow business through SEO is Search engine ranking. The ranking has done by search engines based on the content which is useful to the readers. The search engine finds the website is genuine and valuable enough, ranks the site at the top position.

Increasing organic traffic helps you to get potential customers as they are directly searching for you in search engines. SEO optimization makes the website more reachable to the customers.

Lead Generation is the process of identifying customers who have an interest in your product and services. The ultimate goal of increasing lead generation is to develop the business with potential customers. The proper SEO strategy can help you to ease this process.

The main goal of SEO is to make your brand or product visible online to the customers. To increase brand visibility, one should showcase his existence consistently in the market. It helps the customers to know about the uniqueness of your product.

Usually, people will not hear the voice of a man who is standing among the crowd. They can listen to you one day for sure, but at that time you will be alone. Your decision to do SEO optimization on your website will make a vital impact on your business’s growth. You can stand out of the crowd with the help of SEO and proudly market your product.

SEO is an extremely cost-effective way when compared to all marketing strategies such as social media, ads, etc. With a very minimal investment, you get a lot of income.

How to Choose the Best SEO Freelancer in Coimbatore?

We strongly recommend going with SEO freelancing as there is no agent in between you and the SEO. And also, SEO freelancing is cost-effective when compared with the registered enterprises which are doing SEO.

There are a lot of SEO freelancers in the market. So it is not a big deal to choose the best one among them.

Ask about their Process:

The SEO Freelancer in Coimbatore should be clear enough to explain the process which they are following. It is better if you ask and gets clarity about the process. You can commit them if you are comfortable with the process.

Ask their past clients:

Try to collect information about their past clients and the services provided to them. It helps you to know about their capability of doing SEO.

Communication and Reporting:

The SEO should be transparent enough to communicate all the things regarding the website. Reporting is essential as you can track the progress of the site ranking through it.

Why should we hire you over other SEOs?

An Answer from the SEO for this question helps you to have an impression about him. After that, you need to be clear why you are going to hire him and know about the uniqueness of the SEO.

Ask Google Guidelines:

An experienced SEO should know about google guidelines as it plays a vital role in maintaining your website in a good position. So the SEO should be aware of the Google Guidelines.

Tools they use:

The SEO should use the licensed tools alone to optimize the site, and you must know about the tools before committing the SEO.

Knowledge of the latest algorithm changes:

Google made changes in algorithms regularly. The SEO freelancer should be aware of the changes made by Google. He should be capable of adapting the changes and applying them while building the site.

Pay attention to their link building:

The SEO should be capable of finding out the spam backlinks. Backlinks are one of the best options to boost your website and make it visible to a broad set of customers. So you should pay attention to their link building, which they have implemented already.

Ask Guaranty and Timeline for results:

The SEO should provide guaranteed results within the committed time limit. So you should ask about the deadline for taking your site live and all other processes.

Payment structure:

Payment is one of the essential factors you should notice before finalizing the SEO. Here, the risk is more as some of the SEO freelancers try to increase the price in the middle of the process. So it is better to have a direct conversation about the payments before signing the contract.

What is the role of an SEO freelancer?

Why me?

The ultimate goal of hiring the SEO is to improve the traffic for your website. I can proudly say we are excel in ranking the site on top in SERP. But I want you to know about myself to have a clear idea about the services we are providing.

I have done certification in Google Analytics, SEMRUSH SEO fundamentals, and HubSpot inbound marketing. These terms may be new to you. But it is an added advantage for the SEO to complete certifications to build trust among the clients.

I am not a kind of SEO who blindly starts the project without having any knowledge about the particular sector. I will do an audit in case the website is already in your hand. Then I can list the changes need to rank the site in a top position. Based on the changes, payment finalization will happen.

I can update you regularly every month about the progress of the process which we committed. It helps you to understand where we are and plan the future process accordingly.

I can assure you for the dedicated support if you ask for a change in a site then and there. Usually, we are not encouraging frequent changes in a website as it can severely affect site performance.
We can make changes if it is feasible and helps to get more traffic.

You can expect a quick response from us as we are not committing too many projects because of the time concern. We just want to serve our customers better than others. So we are always ready to guide you.

I am handling clients from different sectors, and also they are long-term customers. I can do this because of the experience I had in the SEO industry. This experience made me more confident to work as an SEO freelancer.

I can guarantee that your data never be exposed to anyone else without your permission. I hope you can understand that the long-term customers I earned these years are also because of how securely I am to handing their data.

Based on the services we provided to our customers, they made us reputable. Our customers are always joining hands with us in this journey.

I can assure you that your website will receive more traffic at a particular time than before through our SEO optimization.

I have already managed all kinds of projects from different sectors. I always want to start with a plan like

  1. How the project is going to start
  2. How the process elevates and 
  3. How it completes

The ultimate aim of doing SEO for me is customer satisfaction. From signing the contract to the website ranking, your opinion plays a significant role and will play accordingly.

Free SEO Audit:

SEO auditing has a significant impact on the ranking of the website. We, as SEO experts in Coimbatore, can provide you a free SEO Audit to help you to find out your score. It helps to increase the chances of visibility. To avail of this service, just contact us on the number and email id given below. The SEO freelancer working with us in Coimbatore connect with you and help right away.

Our SEO Services:

Our SEO Strategy to rank any website:

Our SEO strategy to make any website rank depends on the problems that the site is facing. We offer comprehensive on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO solutions that can quickly help your site rank high on SERPs.

After auditing your website, we will craft strategies that help you gain your rank and help you maintain it since maintaining a high position is not that easy at all. We use a combination of innovative techniques and time-tested, proven ones to make your website SEO-friendly.

There are a variety of SEO services out there for you to choose from. These services have offered that specific problems relating to your website, which cause it to rank low on SERPs, are solved so that you can get more customers. Usually, we can identify what problems your site has through SEO auditing.

The Auditing means that we take a look at your site and test it to see what exactly is causing it to rank low. Once we have identified the problems, we can broadly classify them into three types- On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Local SEO.

On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO deals with Google ranking factors that are determined by viewing the page you try to optimize. Google bot will crawl down and up the pages of your site and see whether it meets their criteria or not and rank you based on what they see.

On-Page SEO includes content quality, keywords, freshness, HTML, title tags, meta descriptions, Schema, subheads, site architecture, mobile-friendliness, page speed, HTTPS, and SSL and keywords in URLs. If even one of these does not meet Google standards, your website will not rank on the first SERP at all.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO includes the things that Google looks at that depend on backlinks from other websites, social networks, and user personal histories.

The first thing to take care of on off-page SEO is the trust which is determined by domain authority, page authority, bounce rate, domain age, and identity. Next are links that are determined by link quality, number of links, and anchor text.

Personal factors include country, city, and searcher history. The last is social, which is determined by the quality of shares and the number of shares. These are some of the main off-page SEO factors to look at.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is what you do to boost your visibility among consumers in a particular geographic region or locality. If you are in Coimbatore, you would ideally want to cater to the needs of consumers in the city.

Local SEO boosts your business rank in the local business listings that are available on the Internet. It helps people who are looking for your goods and services to find you easily.

Local SEO has proven to be an important determinant of business longevity and success, so it would be ideal to invest in it.


Now that you have an idea about SEO and SEO services, you can now contact an SEO freelancer in Coimbatore to help you out. We have some of the best SEO freelancers in Coimbatore, ready to help you at any time. These freelancers have years of experience and skills working for various clients and companies on different SEO campaigns.

You can even get a free audit on request from these freelancers. After the SEO strategies have implemented, you will soon see a gradual rise in traffic to your site and business for you.

Hurry and get an SEO freelancer, Coimbatore, today!!!