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Boosting product reach in Amazon using hidden keywords |

Hidden keywords are very important to improve product discoverability on Amazon. According to the author, this is an unavoidable option to promote your product on site.

Hidden keywords

Hidden keywords are also known as  Amazon Keywords, product keywords and backend keywords. When you introduce a product to Amazon you have to fill 5 fields each with 250 characters per field. It helps to boost product reach in search result page.  When a customer searches that particular keyword your product will get noted. You can also download ‘Search Query report’ from Amazon to know hidden keyword.

How to add hidden keywords

In this section, the author compares it with a party game ‘Taboo’. When you want to add hidden keywords think about all possibilities about the product. To make it clear the author uses a product example a ‘brand name shoe’. When you add hidden keywords related to this product think about all possibilities like color, size, type of shoe, pattern, material type and many other things.

How to choose hidden keywords

According to the author other, it is better to use Amazon search reports, the client provided the list, product details, attributes etc. than using Google keyword planner or Also, she reminds not to add any hyphens or commas while adding details. Just use a single space. you can change hidden keywords based on relevancy also.

Steps to add hidden keyword

To add a hidden keyword of a product you can go to seller center>Inventory tab>edit >offer>keywords. Follow this order to add hidden keywords related to a product. If you cannot do this, get the service of a content writer.

Is there any way to check whether hidden keywords added or not?

As an answer to this question, the author says that there is no option to check whether it is added or not. The only available option is random spot checks. Give a 24 hr time after adding hidden keywords to process..

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