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Boobalan offers Best SEO services in Chennai, provides accurate and excellent services to the people. From here, you know complete information about On-Page, Off-Page Optimization, and more SEO details. We provide accurate information for our clients and people can return with the best research experience.

We can observe that most of the people will search on the first page and if they get information on the first page they will not jump to other pages. If we consider this, the top ranking in the search engine is really a hideous task.

Chennai is one of the best and important cultural and economic cities in Southern India. There are many startups, MNCs, leading software development companies are establishing in this vibrant city.  We are here to provide the SEO Services in Chennai without any flaws.

With the increase and updating of Google’s search algorithm regularly, it is really like a pressure to provide accurate and high-quality content. There are many SEO consultants in Chennai which provide the people with accurate information about the services.

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SEO Services Includes

On-Page SEO

1 Title Tag
2 Meta Description
3 URL length
4 Keyword Density
5 Keyword Optimization in Content
6 Header Tag (H1,..)
7 Use Visuals
8 Outbound links
9 Internal Links
10 Optimizing Content for Rich Results
11 Post-Long Content
12 Alt Tag
13 Use On Page Grader to fix all issues
14 Mobile Friendliness
15 Site Speed
16 Post Permalink Structure
17 Uncheck Discourage Search Engine
18 Don’t Stuff Keyword
19 Check Analytics and Webmaster code added Properly
20 Check UX for Targeted Page

Off-Page SEO

1 PBN links
2 Bookmarking Submission
3 Image Submission
4 Audio Submission
5 Video Submission
6 PPT & PDF Submission
7 Forum
8 Quora
9 Web 2.0
10 Profile Creation
11 Classified Submission
12 Local Listing
13 Local Citation
14 Comment Links
15 Competitors Links
16 .edu & .gov Links
17 Broken Links
18 Guest Blogging
19 Question/Answer Submission
20 Outreach

Best SEO Expert in Chennai India

There are many SEO companies are established in the Chennai city and each of them is offering best SEO services to the clients. The SEO experts help the clients in business promotion by optimizing the website of the clients with a set of best tools in SEO.

The main role of the SEO expert in Chennai is to clearly analyze and also review the website. They can even modify the website with any implement changes. We can say that there are many SEO experts in Chennai, where one has to follow to get the best output of the business promotion or any other services related to search engine optimization.

SEO expert works for an advanced level of SEO

which includes,

1. Improving CTR
2. Improving Engagement
3. Reducing Bounce Rate
4. Bringing Social Signals to website
5. Monitoring Comments on blog
6. Bringing Referral Traffic to website
7. Monitoring & fixing Low Text-to-HTML Ratio
8. Monitoring & fixing hreflang and lang attributes
9. Monitoring & fixing Temporary Redirects
10. Monitoring & fixing Too many Internal Links
11. Monitoring & fixing No-follow Internal Links
12. Monitoring & fixing Mixed HTTPS and HTTP issues

SEO Specialist in Chennai

SEO Specialist improves the ranking of the company’s website on various search engines by targeting the audience in the preferred search engine. The main role and responsibility of the SEO Specialist in Chennai are to review the website and have to apply any implement changes to get the website top in the search engines.

The role of SEO Specialist also includes

  • Detailed diagnostics and implementation
  • Keyword Research and creation of Meta Tags and relevant static content for each individual page
  • Identify & tackle pages with duplicate content & meta tags
  • Rectification of all 404 and other errors
  • Disavowing all spammy links pointing to the website
  • Complete competitor research for top 5 brands and identifying link opportunities
  • Implementing the checklist of On Page SEO elements
  • Automate meta tag settings for Blog
  • Integrate Schema & Open Graph Data of Facebook, Twitter
  • Improve site speed
  • Implement AMP on the Blog
  • Content Strategy and creating up to 4 blogs a month
  • Off- Page Search Engine Optimization and building quality backlinks for the main website and for the blog from 15 high-quality domains every month
  • Active Google My Business Listing Strategy and increasing citations
  • Content Amplification on Quora, Forums & other relevant communities
  • Ongoing Monitoring of On Page SEO elements

We can find many numbers of experts of professionals who offer their best SEO Services in Chennai. In order to get the high-rank website, you need best SEO specialist.

SEO Consultants in Chennai

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast tool that is capable of having around 75 to 85% of the traffic to the website and making you known by most of the people across the world.  The role of the SEO Consultant is to make the analysis and review the website regularly.

It is also important to check the incoming links to the websites by the SEO consultants in Chennai or SEO experts in Chennai, so that website owners can earn more traffic from the search engines. It also helps in increasing the ranking position on the search engines. SEO Consultants in Chennai come with predefined job description who must and should have upgraded skills.

The role of SEO Consultants also includes

Best SEO Freelancer Chennai

Nowadays, there are many SEO freelance jobs are available who have to write the content in various niches. The SEO Freelancer specialist have a very rewarding and lucrative career to help various companies, organizations, websites, brands and much more.

The SEO Freelancer should always be visible online. People who are working as a freelancer in various businesses have to work for the clients who are from anywhere and they can be the small business to top fortune companies. It depends on the ability and providing the accurate information to the clients.

Our Freelancer working on next level in SEO which includes

1.Skyscraper Technique
2. Haro
3. Brand Name Mentions
4. Outreach for Bloggers, Resource Pages & Mentions
5. Reverse Image Search Backlink
6. Participating in Relevant Forums
7. Steal Competitor Backlinks
8. Create a Wikipedia Page
9. Scholarship Backlinks(.edu & .gov Backlinks)
10. Site builder & Brand web 2.0 Backlinks
11. Do-Follow Comment Backlinks
12. Backlinks through infographics
13. PBN Backlink Technique
14. Do-Follow Profile Creation Backlinks
15. Document Sharing sites

SEO Agency in Chennai

An SEO Agency or Search Engine Service Provider must have an ability to practice the search engines techniques in order to increase the audience to the client website and also getting the high ranking position in the search engine results page.

It is very important that the website has to be ranked more in order to appear in the first result page of search engines. Most of the companies in the country or SEO Services in Chennai will hire the best SEO agency to improve the website organic result listings in the search engines.


Hope you got enough information regarding SEO Services in Chennai. There are various companies or organizations are offering the best services for the SEO experts so that their website will get high rankings and also meet the target audience in the search engines.


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