The wait is over! You arrived at the right place: Boobalan, SEO Freelancer in Chennai, with five years of experience in the SEO industry. I’m doing SEO Freelancing for top clients in Chennai in different sectors such as Real Estate, Dental, Health Care, Education, Restaurant, and Saloon.

Why is SEO important for Businesses?

One of the great things about the Internet is also one of the most annoying things about it. There is So much content available! It increases the competitiveness between companies in the market. Search Engine Optimization is the algorithm that you need to employ for you to be found easily on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP). 

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Here are some ways in which SEO helps your business to grow. 

Search Engines have a ranking system that helps consumers see content that is relevant and useful to them. If your content happens to be very useful, you’ll find it at the top results. If not, it found lower or on other pages. SEO helps your business rank higher so that customers can find you more comfortable.

“Organic Traffic” refers to those customers who have found you via search engines, such as Google. To increase the organic traffic for your site, you need proper SEO optimization.

Lead Generation helps you to create curiosity among your customers on your services. If enough interest created, potential customers view your site and see what products and services your business offers. With a proper SEO strategy, you can rank your website on top of Google, and it develops the interest among potential customers.

People know about various brands and products because such brands and products have made an effort to make their target audience more aware of their existence. Brand Visibility and Awareness are vital in getting your business known to customers, and SEO can increase them to help you.

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.” There are many factors which decide the DA, such as outbound links, inbound links

An index is another name for the database used by a search engine. Indexes contain the information on all the sites that Google (or any other search engine) was able to find. If a site is not in a search engine’s index, users cannot find the website. With SEO, Google can easily index your site. They are thereby allowing customers and clients from Chennai and any part of the world to find every page linked to your business easier.

As mentioned earlier, the market has become more competitive now due to the easy availability of content. SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that customers and clients know about your business’s unique services.

Although there are several ways of marketing, such as social media ads, SEO is an extremely cost-effective way of marketing business. You get lots of returns for lots of output at a little cost.

In today’s technologically advanced and digitally optimized world, businesses have to rely heavily on marketing strategies that are tailor-made for the Internet. The search engine is the primary source to market your business nowadays. It helps to increase your visibility and can draw more people to you in a cost-effective manner. However, it is not always easy to get high visibility so soon. 

By taking help from trained Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts and SEO freelancer in Chennai, you can increase your chances of being found on the Internet by potential customers. A freelance SEO consultant and digital marketing expert can give you an idea of how SEO works. So we can conclude that Chennai SEO freelancers are perfect for the job.

How to Choose the Best SEO Freelancer in Chennai?

A freelancer is easily manageable and better to deal with since there is no middle-man between you and the freelancer. You are expecting to spend more on SEO service When dealing with a company. Hiring a freelancer pays as per a rate set between you and them for SEO service. You can find plenty of SEO freelancers in Chennai. so it is not a big deal to find the best among them

An SEO freelancer can build your company’s presence on the Internet at a more manageable and less costly expense. Such freelancers have expert SEO techniques, SEO services, strategy creation, and more since they would have worked for various companies and clients. Having them build your brand image on the Internet would be a massive plus for you.

Ask about their Process:

Be aware of the process which SEO Freelancer in Chennai is following to rank the website on top of its search engine results. The process happening should be transparent. It is mandatory information you should know before committing the SEO Freelancer.

Ask their past clients:

It is better to have an idea about the past clients of SEO Freelancer. It can help you to understand the quality of service they are providing based on that particular sector growth that happened online.

Communication and Reporting:

SEO freelancer in Chennai should be transparent enough, which can help to build trust among the clients. The key feature you should notice here is whether the Chennai SEO Freelancer is live by his word or not. Timely reporting also helps to know about the progress and also to plan the future goal.

Why should we hire you over other SEOs?

This question can help you to understand the uniqueness of SEO freelancer. So you can get to know the level of skill and knowledge that SEO has in the field.

Ask Google Guidelines:

Creating a site and launching it can be done by anyone. But to maintain it is a bit complicated that SEO experts alone can do. Because he is only aware of all the Google guidelines that are necessary to keep the website, always before committing the project, you should check SEO Freelancer Chennai if he is aware of Google guidelines.

Tools they use:

It is necessary to know about the tools which they are using in the SEO process. You can get to see if he upgraded with the latest technology, and the tools he used are licensed.

Knowledge of the latest algorithm changes:

SEO experts use several algorithms to get top ranking in search engines. So It is vital to be aware of the changes made in those algorithms by Google for an SEO Freelancer.

Pay attention to their link building:

As a product owner, You should be responsible for not having any spam backlinks on your site. SEO expert alone able to find out the spam backlinks. So you must know about the methods they are using for backlinks. If he is already aware, then you can be worry-free about the spam backlinks.

Ask Guaranty and Timeline for results:

SEO Freelancer Chennai should assure the guaranteed result within the committed time limit. So the most important thing is that you should get assurance from the SEO about the period of months to achieve the desired goal.

Payment structure:

Before signing the contract, the most important thing you should know is the payment structure. You should analyze whether the payment structure produced for the project is worth enough.

What is the role of an SEO freelancer?

Why me?

Obviously, before selecting the SEO Freelancer for your project, the question may arise why you need to choose me. Here I have listed out some of the factors we excel in.

I have completed certification in Google Analytics, SEMRUSH SEO fundamentals, and HubSpot inbound marketing.

Firstly, I try to understand the product clearly from the customer, Which helps me to analyze the strategies I can use while ranking the website. Through that, I can tell them which is feasible to implement based on the requirements. It is useful for them to come up with alternative ideas. I can also suggest them with my experience in the field.

I believe tracking the progress helps you to understand the work we are doing for your website. So we send you the up-to-date report about the process, which in turn enables you to plan the next step or the changes you want to make in that process.

We can provide you the dedicated support whenever you want as we do just wish to make you happy with our services. You never need to worry about the product ranking or any other issues. We must serve with the best techniques.

Emergency response time is an hour or less. You can also directly contact us and get an immediate response.

I have four years of experience in the SEO industry. I have already worked with many customers in different sectors. So I can understand and possibly gave you a suggestion if you want on the strategies we can follow to rank the website.

I can assure you that the data you are sharing regarding the product never disclosed to anyone without your knowledge. Your data can be safe with us.

Already we have customers who are availing of our service for the long term. The truth is that they made us reputable because trust they have on us.

The ultimate goal of SEO optimization is to grow your business significantly. We are just the tool to help you to improve the company through a well-developed strategy.

As I already said, We have a vast experience of working with customers from different sectors. We handled many complex projects in these four years. So we can assure you that we can deliver the outcome on time.

We are here to satisfy your requirements, and the happiness in your face gives us immense satisfaction. So whatever the product may be, Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the customers with our services.

Free SEO Audit

According to, “SEO Audit is an evaluation of a site that grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). To complete the auditing activity, the SEO expert checks for all the steps in the audit list whether all the steps are satisfied. If the SEO expert finds that any issue needs to repair or improve to boost your page’s search engine performance on time.” An audit helps you to see whether your website can appear on SERPs or not.

We, as SEO experts in Chennai, can provide you a free SEO Audit for your site to help you to find out your score. So that it increases your chances of visibility, to avail of this service, just contact us on the number and email id given below. The SEO freelancer working with us in Chennai connect with you and help right away.


To conclude, SEO is a highly effective and affordable way of marketing that can help you build your business. If you convinced that SEO could help you, be sure to get in touch with an SEO expert in Chennai. Such an SEO specialist can help you out immensely with their knowledge and skills. If you don’t wish to work with SEO Company in Chennai to save money, get in touch with SEO freelancer in Chennai.