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To begin with, introducing myself, an enthusiastic lad Boobalan a professional SEO Expert and top SEO Freelancer in Chennai and a blogger who revolves around the latest in the strategies for ranking better on the google results.

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SEO Services

Local seo
Local SEO

If you are running a local business, and your audience is looking for your products online, you need Local SEO, to scale up.

clients seo
Clients SEO

I have handling clients in all sectors, such as Real Estate, Dental, Health Care, Restaurants, Saloon, and Software. If you are looking to grow your business online, I can help you to grow online.

Video SEO

Now YouTube is booming, and everyone started the channel to grow individually and professionally. If you are one of them, and you want to rank your videos on top of YouTube, I can help you to appear your videos on top of YouTube and Google Search.

eCommerce SEO

Simply if you are selling your products online and running an eCommerce store, your website should rank on top of SERP(Search Engine Results Page). So that sales and brand visibility improves.

We Cover All Your Website Needs

Here we have listed all elements of SEO, which is essential for all websites to rank higher. While we do SEO Audit, we check some key details of the site which are presented or not. Those lists are listed below. Under On-Page SEO, we do cover all aspects listed below. Under Off-Page SEO, we listed all types of backlinks we include for every website to boost rankings and build trust. In the technical part, it is only crucial for all sites, once we fixed or optimized all elements listed below. That website is ready to be visible online on top of SERP.

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Why Boobalan?

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Frequently Asked QUestions:

         Getting people to find your website is not easy, thanks to the fact that there are almost a million other websites worldwide who could provide the same goods and services that you do. If you want people to find your website, it has to rank on at least the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of your browser.

It is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO can help your website get ranked on the first SERP with various strategies. Once your website ranks on the first SERP, it will be easier for people to find and use your goods and services.

         SEO is a long process that will take time to yield results. However, the steps are simple to understand.

  • The first step is content and technical audit.
  • The second step is looking at technical SEO.
  • The third step is keyword research, where you learn what keywords can help people find you on the Internet.
  • The fourth step is the location demographics, where you learn about your target audience.
  • The fifth and sixth steps are content strategy and content writing/editing where you plan what content you will put on your site, and then you create that content and add it.
  • The final step is ranking, where you see how your website ranks on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

         When a search engine like Google ranks your website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), it will look at the functionality and responsiveness of your website and rank it accordingly. If your site meets Google’s criteria for ranking high on SERPs, your website can usually found at the top of the SERPs.

Conversely, if Google sees anything on your site that is lacking in terms of responsiveness and functionality, your website will rank low on SERPs. An SEO audit helps you find out what elements are causing you to rank low on SERPs and how you can rank higher. You can improve your website after a thorough SEO audit.

        The reason most small businesses remain small is because of less visibility on the digital plane, which creates only a low level of demand among your existing pool of customers. If you are looking to expand your audience, gain more customers, and get more work, SEO can help you grow.

By having yourself a user-friendly, informative, and responsive website that ranks at the top of the SERPs, you stand a higher chance of getting noticed by new customers and consumers. As more customers get introduced to your site and the more they enjoy using your website for goods and services, the more likely they are to refer to new people to you for business.

         SEO’s growing importance for eCommerce summed up in 3 points. Firstly, SEO increases the chance of customers finding you by more than 95%. The more visible your business is the more business you get, and the more you grow.
         Secondly, SEO is cost-effective and yields results. You would get considerable value for money by investing in SEO, and the risks in it failing are minimal.   
          Third and finally, the effects of SEO are long-lasting. It means that if SEO adequately used to boost your business, you would be looking at sustained longevity in the market and the digital plane.

         The first step to hiring an SEO EXpert in Chennai like me is to search for them on the Internet. Get the date by analyzing their website. Before hiring, have a meeting with them (preferably face to face) and talk to them to see how much they know about their field, their experience, and other details that might help you understand more about them and their process.

Talk to some of their clients and get feedback on how they are professional. Conduct an audit with them as well, and if they happen to check all your boxes, hire them.

         Yes, I can. I’ve specialized in local SEO and know quite a bit about boosting your local business traffic. If you based in Chennai, it can be pretty easy to increase your business traffic locally. The main thing to look at is the location demographics.

It has pretty much smooth sailing once you know about the people around you and what they usually look for. After learning about your target audience and what keywords to use to attract them to your website, you will slowly but surely see an increase in your website traffic thanks to the right combination of SEO tools and techniques used for locally based boosts.

        It is honestly hard to say and depends on a lot of factors. While implementing and creating an SEO strategy is a little easy, it is hard to wait for it to yield results. Sometimes the results can help you rank in 6 months, or it can take a year.

Regardless of the time, it takes, patience, and consistent efforts to boost your SEO play a significant role in determining your rank in Google. As long as you continue to keep your website in check about SEO, you should be able to rank and see a difference within a year or so.

         No, that would be unwise. Getting a ranking on the first page is just one battle won. You need to maintain that ranking. Without consistent efforts in SEO for your website, your ranking will slowly but surely decrease.

Months of effort would end up going to waste if you decide that you will discontinue SEO after reaching the top rank on the 1st SERP (Search Engine Results Page). So if you wish to maintain your ranking or position at the top of the 1st SERP, please ensure that your SEO remains consistent throughout and that you do not under any circumstances discontinue it.

          Yes. As per company policy, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be given to you to sign. The NDA is legally binding, and there will be a section stating that there will be no data breach of any kind on our behalf and that your data used to boost your website.

On the Internet and not for any other malpractices or different types of activities. We ensure that we adhere strictly to the NDA rules and that we work only to produce results for your website and boost its ranking on the web using our skills in SEO.

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