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Video SEO is not like normal SEO. It is constantly changing, and you need to be updated to the new techniques to get ranked better. Just by creating a high-quality video with informative content is not enough to get popular. You need to implement some other important factors in your video to make it more acceptable to users and search engine equally. Video SEO will help you to do that.it is nothing but the process of optimizing videos to rank better on search engine result pages. Let’s find out some valuable tips to optimize your videos to make it viral.

Tip 1#: Create a video based on keywords that work well

You need to use YouTube and find out the most useful keyword that can work well. Create the video around those keywords other than implementing it in your video headline. While you search for a keyword on YouTube it will show all the related term that many people search for that particular topic. This will help your video to rank higher because people are getting what they exactly want from your video content. This will surely help to increases its organic traffic and thereby ensures a high rank.

Tip 2# Length of video

Length of video is very important to measure its effectiveness. User engagement is very important. YouTube ranks every video based on total watch time. So, when you produce videos which are a bit longer than the usual short videos of 2-3 minutes length. Create long engaging videos that make them stay with it until it ends. Videos with the power to hold more audience will succeed in this race. According to YouTube concentrate on initial 10-15 seconds where there is a chance of bouncing off. If you grab their attention in this important part they will watch the whole video.

Tip 3# Make sure to concentrate on Thumbnail

Some viewers actually click on a video if it has an attractive thumbnail. If you can add a very good quality image as your video thumbnail there is a chance to get more clicks to your video. For example, if you are posting a video to cook something you can add an interesting picture of the food as its thumbnail than adding some random picture of your cooking.

Tip 4# Users engagement

YouTube always rank a website based on its user engagement. You can make your video more engaged by adding some CTAs like “subscribe”, “share” etc. You can ask them to like, comment or share your videos to increases the engagement rate. Make it more active by replying back on them and answering all their questions. If YouTube sees that users are actively engaging with your video it will consider your video as an entertaining one and ranks better than other videos.

Tip 5# Concentrate on the title

Make sure to add an attractive title to your video to ensure more CTR. Some users click on videos by attracting to its thumbnail display and some other focuses on the title of the video. If you can create a catchy title with competitive keywords it will help well in ranking your video well.

Tip 6# The more details in the description the better understanding

YouTube will get a clear idea about your video content if you can add a better description of it. If you create a video of 10 minutes length adds a description of it by including every detail, you are discussing in the video. This will increase your chance to get listed under the top position in the search result.

Tip 7# Add proper title tags

This is another important factor to concentrate. When you optimize a video, you must add proper title tags to get it listed under relevant search results. You can add any number of tags as you wish. But it is better to refrain from adding so many tags to a video. Just add some important tags with it to maximize your chance of getting listed under top results.

Tip 8# Be more specific

When you create the title of a video then the video should exactly discuss what you have given as a title. This is very important to note when you put title for a video. YouTube will only list you as per your title and if the content does not discuss as you said in the title then the result will be very bad. So, you need to make sure to include the exact content as per your title in your video.

Tip 9# Add video transcripts

Video transcripts are written version of your video. This will help everyone to understand what you are trying to say in your video. People from all over the world will watch videos and if they can’t interpret what you are saying this will be a great failure. So, to avoid such difficulties it is better to add a transcript with your video. You can add them as with HTML along with description box or like a subtitle when you speak.

Tip 10# Add Sitemap

It is very useful if you can add the sitemap of your video. It contains many factors related to your video content, running time, title, description and many more. This will help the search engine crawlers to interpret the details of your video easily and index it well. This factor is very important if you are looking to rank your video on the topmost position.

Tip 11# Promote it well on social media

To ensure maximum reach of your video it is better to share it within your social media accounts. By sharing all your videos in social media, you are introducing your creation to more audience. This can enhance the chance of getting more exposure and thereby increases the CTR of your video content. Once you get popular many people will be your followers and this will increase your popularity among the audience.

Tip 12# Create trendy contents

It is always important to create fresh and trendy to increases your chance of getting more popular. Check your competition and find out more trending contents. Keep away from copying other’s topic. Be unique and create good quality contents by knowing what your audience wants to watch. Search engine pays attention to trendy contents that can provide useful information to the audience.

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