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10 Best WhatsApp Bulk Sender Software 2021

WhatsApp bulk sender software is one of the latest trending mobile applications in the market. It has seen tremendous growth in the last few months, and the users are constantly downloading it and using it for different purposes.

 WhatsApp bulk message enables users to send messages in bulk without any issues. Users have the option to select several contacts from the user list. There is no limit as to how many messages the users can send and receive at a time.

 All that is required is to check the number of messages that are received and sent. Users also have the option to share messages with other people on the list at the same time.

 Users can also personalize the message by adding video, music, images, etc. It helps to send SMS without any knowledge of the recipient.

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Top 10 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools in 2021


WhatSender Software

Whatsender, known as WhatsApp v6, is a messaging application that is becoming a popular service. It is a bulk messaging software where:-

 It is also a good alternative for mobile phone users looking to avoid the cost of using the Whatsapp application for sending and receiving messages.

 Whatsender is a social networking application that helps users to keep in touch with their friends. It allows users to communicate in a chat-like environment.


It has a feature known as “Who is this?” It helps the user to get to know the details of any particular user to whom he/she can connect via Whatsender.
It also comes with a feature known as “Remember Me,” which enables one to choose to remember previous conversations. Which is an SMS client; this means that it can use it on both BlackBerrys and iPhones.
It works even on an iPhone if the user chooses to set up a program on the phone and then use it with his/her iPhone.
It uses a database to locate people and store their names and other necessary details. Whatsender users can post videos or pictures and browse through contacts to find their relatives, friends, and colleagues.
It also has features like a chat log feature that allows one to see what the other person has said. It also has a tool called “Send to iPhone,” which enables one to send a message directly to his/her iPhone. The tool gives one the option to attach photos to the message.


1. Trial Version is free.
2. The Pro version is 2400.


Wasender is a tool that to sends bulk WhatsApp messages. Businesses get a chance to connect with multiple customers at one go without investing much time or effort into it. Hence it is one of the most preferred tools used by people.


You can send messages to contacts not saved.
The web portal is user friendly.
You can avoid spam by creating various types of the same message.
It provides the facility of filtering contacts.


The free version allows unlimited trial messages.
For Pro version Rs.2400 annually.


 It is a user-friendly service that start-up on your computer by downloading the application. It is WhatsApp bulk SMS sender tool and is a free service that lets you send SMS messages to multiple contacts through this program.


The program can help you send messages with ease at a much lower price than the standard services available on the Internet.
Provides the facility of uploading customer databases.
The application automatically posts to the group.


They charge Rs.2400 annually.


WhatsApp is a social networking website that is very popular on the Internet and listed in the top 10 of the most visited websites on the Internet. This social networking website has a vast base and huge users and millions of accounts, which seen on top sites. Meshink allows sending a bulk message without wasting time.


This software is the one that can add features in your account and make it more interactive.
Using this software, you can easily and quickly send SMS or MMS messages in your friend’s WhatsApp account without any hassle.
WhatsApp Bulk SMS Sender tool is the best choice for you because of its many uses and price tag.


Price- Rs.250.


AGNITAS is an amazing mobile application that can make your life easier. It has got an extraordinary feature that makes your life much more comfortable and, at the same time, accessible by providing WhatsApp bulk messages.

 It’s a new feature added to the app, which is called WhatsApp Bulk SMS Software. This application has a unique feature that allows you to send SMS to multiple numbers with just one click.

So what exactly does this feature do?

This unique feature allows you to send SMS messages to various numbers. Thus, you can send SMS messages to your friends, family members, business contacts, etc.


You can get a free consultation with a price on request.


WhatsApp Bulk SMS Sender Software is the latest in the lines of WhatsHash tool, which has become the rage amongst social networking business people.


The latest WhatsHash is the use of SMS Gateway Technology, an exciting feature of this product that allows you to send large numbers of SMS at a time and thereby saving a lot of time and money for you.
The other significant advantage of this software is that it is modified to work with Windows to Linux to IOS to Android. However, not all WhatsHash tools are modified, so you need to check out the compatibility factor of this software before finalizing it.


The basic plan is free.
Pro plan costs 989.34.


Whatsapp Bulk SMS Sender Software provides a useful feature that is beneficial to consumers. The thing about this software is that it allows users to select their desired texts and groups of texts for sending.


With WhatsApp Bulk SMS Sender Software, users will be able to choose what messages they want to send and how many messages they wish to send.
WhatsApp users can also select the specific category of messages they wish to send. Users can also choose the frequency of the SMS’s to be sent or automatically.


Free Demo Version.
The standard version is Rs.3234 per year.
Pro version costs Rs.5214 per year.

WhatsApp Myntra

The Bulk WhatsApp sender tool allows enterprises to promote their business through WhatsApp. The software provides consultation for free and accepts a sum of Rs.19800 as a one-time payment.


Rs.2400 per year.


The bulk sending feature allows varieties of businesses to contact their customers without wasting time. The features like API Key, corporate chat platform are great attractions for users.


1. All-time support.
2. API.
3. You can host internal chats.
5. Chat platform.

Pricing Plans

Contact for details.

Lead myntra

Whatsapp messages in bulk in one of the essential features of the software. The user can send group messages and videos to various numbers at a time.


Import contacts.
You will have a history of chat.
You can access the video chat.


Rs.5000 for the start-up.
Rs.60,000 for Premium.

Q sender pro

It is one of the best bulk WhatsApp sender tools. It limits time wastage as lots of businesses can send bulk messages at a time to their customers. Its features like Account switching in Running Campaign, Latest WhatsApp API compatibility, Multi-account option, Spin tax, WhatsApp marketing campaign, are some useful features.


Messages are customized.
Switch account in running campaigns.
Import contacts.


Rs.1432 is for the basic version.
The reseller is available at Rs.7090.


Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software is made available to use by all WhatsApp users. It has a single purpose in mind, which is to help send a large number of text messages at a fast pace without worrying about the time.

WhatsBulk SMS Sender Software is becoming the most favorite among all WhatsApp users because of its advanced features and versatile application.

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